About company

UAB „Ronelda“ is a young and dynamic producer of paper cups. The main aim of company – provision of unique and customized solutions for their customers.

It is a socially responsible company, which seeks not only to make your drink taste better and enjoy high quality paper cups but also promote ecology by using right paper and manufacturing process.

Each cup can be recycled.
The company cares about its effect not only to environment but also to society, that’s why UAB „Ronelda“ aims to work with disabled people or people who have lost professional working capacity. That way company encourages public support for economically inactive people, reducing social exclusion of workers and social integration.

The main aim of UAB „Ronelda“ – produce and supply high quality products for each client according to their individual needs.

The vision of UAB „Ronelda“ – become known as a reliable and high-quality paper cups manufacturer in Baltic countries.

UAB „Ronelda“ focuses on effective manufacturing process which is oriented into the quality and exclusive design.