The strongest in Lithuania

“THE STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA 2017” is a certificate issued to financially sound Lithuanian companies and their managers, justifying a good credit history of the company and its manager. This certificate confirms to our business partners or clients that we are reliable and timely fulfill our financial obligations.

About company

UAB „Ronelda“ is a young and dynamic producer of paper cups. The main aim of company – provision of unique and customized solutions for their customers. It is a socially responsible company, which seeks not only to make your drink taste better and enjoy high quality paper cups but also …


Paper cups with special printing is an excellent opportunity for companies and other organisations to promote their company name in various exhibitions, local events or cafes. All you need to do is match the amount and design of the cups, and we will take care of everything else.Specially designed paper cups allow you to send a message straight to your customers’ hands and are the perfect solution for promoting your brand, positioning the market or attracting customers.


After finding out your needs and expectations we will help to find the best solution. Our aim is that the client would get all the possible help selecting design, coordinating delivery, storage opportunities or individual price offers. WHO WE ARE A young and dynamic company whose main aim is to …

Social Responsibility – “Improvement Comes With Integration”

UAB “Ronelda” takes care not only of environmental protection, but also of society from the point of view of people with disabilities. We believe that the activities of social enterprises are one of the main means of promoting the integration of people with limited capacity for work into society and …


Quality It is our main responsibility that’s why we do our best in order to be leading. Dynamic In this fast-changing world the results can be achieved by making non-standard solutions. Responsibility We are responsible for our contribution to your success!

Environmental protection

UAB “Ronelda” activities are friendly to the environment. In the production process, the company pays great attention to the processing of each unused material and the improvement of technological processes, so that each made cup is suitable for processing. Paper cups are made from FSC-certified raw material, which shows that …